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Fresh-Aire UV systems are tested and validated against bacteria, viruses, mold & fungus. Fresh-Aire UV systems have been tested and achieve up to a *99.999% reduction on microorganisms. Every microorganism requires a specific UVC dosage for inactivation including coronavirus. UV disinfection has been employed for decades in water treatment; these microwatt values have been used for reference to gauge UVC efficiency against a large cross-section of microorganisms.

While Fresh-Aire UV systems have not been specifically tested against coronavirus, they have been tested and proven effective against similar pathogens, some that require an even greater dosage for inactivation than coronavirus. UV disinfection systems for room, surface & HVAC are an ideal proactive measure to complement filtration. Microorganisms, particularly viruses, are so small that filters are mostly ineffective. The UV systems have also been shown to reduce problematic molds and pathogens that are found within the HVAC system and drain pan that would otherwise be introduced and distributed throughout the envelope of the building.

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Fresh-Aire UV efficiency against viruses, bacteria & mold



Introducing our most advanced whole-house air treatment system yet. APCO-X is the result of ten years of APCO development. It will revolutionize indoor air quality with significantly improved performance, functionality, and reliability.


Detox the air with APCO®, our award winning clean air technology that removes germs, odors, and toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from all the air in your home.


Blue-Tube UV®

The world’s best-selling HVAC UV light fights mold and other biological threats that thrive in the cool, moist interior of the air system.


AHU Series 1™

Like Blue-Tube UV our original HVAC UV light also fights mold and other biological threats in the central air system. It features a larger, heavy-duty power supply that can support up to four UV-C lamps.


Mini UV™

Mini UV is designed for mini-split AC systems, which,  like all AC systems, are prone to internal mold growth particularly on the blower wheel.



Purity combines MERV 11 filtration with UV-C light and odor control for comprehensive air treatment.


Everyone in your family is affected by the quality of the air in your home. According to the EPA indoor air is often five times more polluted than outdoor air.  Fresh-Aire UV offers homeowners practical and solutions for air quality problems including odors, toxic chemical vapors, bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Unlike smaller room-sized air purifiers our products are installed in the central air system so they clean all the air in your home. Call Air Pros and we'll help you choose the right one.



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